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5 Trail Snacks That Mix it Up A Bit

5 Trail Snacks That Mix it Up A Bit

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5 Trail Snacks That Mix it Up A Bit

When it comes trail snacks, we all have our favorites. But sometimes we tend to wear them out. The same flavors and go-to nibbles get old. It’s time to mix it up a bit wouldn’t you say?  With our desire for new flavors on the trail, and our calorie needs as hikers, here’s five trail snacks worth giving a try on your next hike.


Adding Crunch with Sacha Inchi

Known as the Inca peanut, this dried seed which resembles more a nut, grows high in the Peruvian mountains. They have a particular crunch to them that I can only describe as “fun” and have a distinct nutty flavor. Sacha Inchi is a protein powerhouse, providing more than almonds, and has 17 times the omega-3s than salmon oil. They’re great straight from the bag, or smashed to bits and mixed with just about anything else. Give them a try, crunch on.

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Kicking Up The Calories with Goji Berries

Long used by sherpas in the Himalayas, Goji berries are a dried red fruit that yield 360 calories per cup (145 more than a Snickers bar) . They not only taste great and offer a entirely new flavor you may have not experienced before, but they’re great when used in other trail snacks. Like most dried fruits, they go great with chocolate, so you might even have a handful with that Snickers bar, or add some to a trail mix of your own design.

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Well Beyond The Basic Beef Stick

Taking a bit of beef jerky on the trail keeps it real for the carnivorous of us, and good old beef sticks pack easily. But if we’re talking about new flavors and trail meat, there are some great options out there. Among them, The New Primal makes a selection that get deep pretty quickly. A choice of Pork, free-range Turkey, or grass-fed Beef compliments flavors including BBQ, Spicy, and my favorite – Cilantro Lime. Not to worry if you’re a purist, they’ve got you covered with Classic Beef.  

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Did you Say Crème Brûlée?

Not all trail mixes are equal, and all trail mixes are not the same, but most people likely have an idea in their head already about what trail mix tastes like. So to keep flavors on the interesting and different, Setton Farms has crafted a variety of premium nut blend trail mixes that challenge some of those traditional flavors. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a bag of their Crème Brûlée mix. Let’s just say I know what I’m having for dessert around the campfire.

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Gum That Jolts You Back to Life

If you’re a chronic coffee drinker like much of the world but don’t want to slugg three cups of joe in your tummy as you ascend a mountain, caffeinated gum is to the rescue. Black Black is an intense mint gum (think Altoids) that contains caffeine. Made by a company called Lotte, the gum is an import from Japan, but one that’s easily available online. It’s a great “spike” in your bag of trail snacks that really comes in handy when you’ve got that last three miles to go.

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So with that, these are some options to throw a little variety into your trail snack rotation. Have any ideas of your own? We’d love to hear them. Shoot a reply in our comments section below, and happy snacking.

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